The Partnership for a Safer Maryland


The Partnership for a Safer Maryland (PSM) was established in 2005 under a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). The role of the group was to provide information on the effectiveness of existing state policies related to injury prevention and control, and review surveillance data to help identify and prioritize injury problems within the state. The group was also tasked to develop a state injury prevention plan.


Organization of the Partnership:


Currently, there are twelve members on the board of directors including representatives from the Maryland Poison Center; the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine and Nursing; Chesapeake Region Safety Council; Maryland Natural Resources Police; Maryland State Police; Injured Workers Insurance Fund; National Study Center for Trauma and EMS; Network for Public Health Law Eastern Region, University of Maryland Carey School of Law; and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The executive board consists of the current president, past-president, president elect, treasurer and secretary, and meets quarterly.  The board of directors is nominated by the members annually, and meets at least twice a year.


The board decides whether an advisory council, task force, committee or workgroup is formed based on recommendations from members. Each council, committee, task force or workgroup is led by a board member, and members are recruited from the PSM membership. There are currently five committees formed under the PSM: Falls, Interpersonal Violence, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Poisoning, and Policy. Four committees were formed to focus on the top four priority areas that were identified by PSM based on available data, and these areas align with those of CDC priorities. The Policy Committee was added to complete the translation of the work being done with the other committees and more specifically to educate and inform PSM members of the best available science based policy approaches to prevent injuries and violence. The policy committee also takes an active role in informing PSM members about relevant injury bills introduced during the Maryland legislative session.


There are over 420 people included on the PSM mailing list. There are no requirements for becoming a member, and there is no membership fee. The PSM distributes an electronic newsletter, holds three professional trainings every year, and hosts an annual injury summit. The injury summit provides the PSM the opportunity to recognize stellar community violence and injury prevention programs and advocates. All members of the PSM receive the e-newsletter and are invited to attend the trainings and summit.